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Superior solutions from our friendly
to you.

Using the state-of-the-art technology and original design, our small and dedicated team of developers will craft the app you've been looking for.
Whether for Android or iOS, our apps are safe, compliant and always delivered in keeping with your vision and your values.
Coding is what we love, and we've got years of experience on both the front and back end. So, breathe easy – you're in good hands.
Are you looking for a team that will, apart from the development of your application, also take care of everything else related to the release of the product to the market? Take a look at how we can help you.

What we do

We offer complete front- and backend solutions and extensions.
We earned our stripes doing backend design, and our qualified developers can code even the most sophisticated backend processes using Java, Python and other languages.
On the front end, we work with Swift for iOS, Java and Kotlin for Android, and C++ for more complex functionality.
We even specialise in machine learning and augmented reality, so don't be afraid to dream big!

Who we are

Not your average bunch of IT dorks.
Although we are passionate about technology, we are also an open and amicable collective that puts people first.
We enjoy what we do, so we're not here to eat up your budget; we're here to make your ideas happen.

~ How we do it ~

This depends on you!

We employ two models of cooperation: the Agile model, and the fixed-time-fixed-price model. According to the Agile model, a solution is developed in short increments on a flexible timeline in close cooperation with the client. According to the fixed-time-fixed-price model, client requirements are presented upfront for a single delivery within a predetermined timeframe and budget. If you are unsure which is right for your project, we will be happy to assist.

The phases of Agile model may vary, but here is an outline of how we do fixed-time-fixed-price:

1. initial estimation

For this, all we need is a simple phone call.

2. Analysis

Depending on your
requirements, we will need anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to perform a thorough analysis.

3. initial design

Based on the analysis, we will submit a prototype of your application.

4. ongoing approval

If you like our prototype, we will fine-tune it in consultation with you.

5. development and testing

After we've
determined the
complete scope of the
project, we can start developing.
During this phase, we take every effort to test reliability.

6. deployment

Once the app is complete, we will deploy it to the App Store and Google Play.

7. monitoring

After deployment, we will continue to monitor the app for optimal performance.

~ our projects ~

Our VirtuaSpecs application is a classic example of augmented
reality in practice. It lets users "try on" a wide variety of
glasses ranging from sunglasses to reading
glasses using only their smartphone
camera. The entire application
was developed by us.
our ar application
Augmented reality in practice.
Zygo is a portal we built for IT specialists and recruiters. Its
smart algorithms associate contractors and projects
for increased transparency, and facilitate pro-
ject performance from start to finish.
A complete package delivered
directly to the client.
our zygo platform
Platform for IT specialists and recruiters.
To live a better life, literally. Johanna is our child – starting from the idea through the development up to the marketing.
Application helps the user reduce their meat
consumption by searching for venues in the
area while allowing their filtering and
rating. AR game included.
our lifestyle application
All-in-one product created by us.

~ our friendly experts ~


Android developer

Maksym is an interesting guy with many fascinating stories from his life, which keep our spirits high in the Bear's office. All you have to do ask.



Vašek is from Pilsen, Czech Republic – the birthplace of Pilsner beer. Naturally, beer is what he likes. But coding is what he loves.



Josef is our liaison between front and back end. In his free time, he likes to fish. Can you guess why his nickname is Pípa?


android developer

Michal is an IT enthusiast who speaks Japanese. Although his coding abilities are truly precocious, we've never heard him speak Japanese.

~ technologies we use ~


  • # Android Jetpack
  • # Kotlin
  • # MVVM RxJava


  • # Swift
  • # MVVM RxSwift
  • # MVVM RxCocoa

$Mobile dev tech;

  • # Fastlane
  • # Firebase

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