Check out what technologies are at your disposal.

boost your advertisement

Do you need to enhance the propagation of your printed materials? Do you want your pamphlet to be high-tech and solidify your marketing strategy?

We will help you secure more appeal and diversion for your clients. This way, your flyer won't end up in the trash and it won't be perceived as bothersome – just add an entertaining element that will please and catch your customer's attention.

new wind into the sails of your app

Breath some fresh air into your app and call your clients' attention to it again.

You can entertain, educate, show off, anything you desire.


Do you like to blow off some steam? Would you like to offer this to your customers as well while reminding them of your business in a smart way?

Add a gaming component to your app and you'll note that it is instantly more popular.

orientation on the premises

Do you want to aid the orientation of your clients in complicated spaces?

Make use of the modern solution of indoor navigation. It's very user-friendly and will be appreciated for sure.

motivate your clients

In order to improve the reach of your app, store or bolster a new campaign while motivating and rewarding the users, using the gamification in combination with voucher codes is a great business strategy.

advanced solutions

Are you developing a product that is challenging to bring to your client? Do you want to demonstrate how it works?

This technology will be right at home with you and can be used for training.

CodingBear does not own any of the products from the showcase videos. We hope they could serve you as an inspiration. Our team of dilligent developers cannot wait to hear your expectations and ideas in order to craft the application of your dreams.

VirtuaSpecs, however, is one of our fruits of hard labor. See for yourself and check it out.

our own application

Augmented Reality can be used in many ways, but they are always fun ones.

Check out our VirtuaSpecs app.

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