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We’ve been doing this for a long time. In fact, many of us started our “careers” in the early 1990s trying to hack Commodore 64s. Although we were unsuccessful, those little machines sparked a lifelong interest in coding.

In college we learned how to code in C++, .NET, Java and other languages. Several of us went on to work for major global players in backend development, help develop popular Java open-source frameworks like Jersey 2 and Tyrus, and even present at the JavaOne conference in Silicon Valley.

Like many IT professionals today, we have roots that go way back. But what sets us apart is our sincerity. We love good code so much that most of us research the latest technologies in our free time, if not at work. And although we specialise in machine learning and AI, we are human in the fullest sense of the word. People are who we serve, whether that means you or the person sitting at the desk next to us. Stop by for lunch one day and we'll prove it.



We are people and we build solutions for people – not our bank accounts, not our egos.


We are always on the lookout for new trends, because a good education never stops in this industry.


Our boss has got a nose for talent, so this is definitely our greatest strength.


We always recommend the development path we think is best for you.


We empower our employees to make their own decisions, but we never forget we’re a team.


The proverb “measure twice and cut once” is written on the mirror in our water closet.


We like to have fun, whether by goofing around on our in-house ukulele or hanging out after work.



chief coding bear

Mira takes good care of all his bear cubs. Whenever there is a problem in the den, he’s usually the first to sniff it out.



Jiří ensures all our projects stay on track. By night, he attends magic shows to figure out how the tricks are done. He won’t volunteer to be sawed in half though.


Recruiter & HR Manager

Hanka tends to all the bear cubs in the den with great care and attracts new talent to the Bear's office. Satisfied bear is the best bear.


Project Manager

Wlk is Bear's right hand on projects. Loyal and strong like a wolf which is exactly his name.


Fullstack developer

Vašek is from Pilsen, Czech Republic – the birthplace of Pilsner beer. Naturally, beer is what he likes. But coding is what he loves.


Sales manager

Lukáš is a family man. He also loves our company retreats where his family can't see him. Give him a guitar and you won't be bored.


backend developer

Adam is a professional guitar player, photographer and backend developer. Wow, the force is truly with this man.



Petr is an alchymist. He's looking at the world with eyes of a yogi and sees connections even where you'd rather not look.


android developer

Maksym is an interesting guy with many fascinating stories from his life, which keep our spirits high in the Bear's office. All you have to do ask.


fullstack developer

Even though he has a medical education, Filip is one of our best coders. He develops artificial livers for our notorious weekend retreats.


fullstack developer

Josef is our liaison between front and back end. In his free time, he likes to fish. But unlike Mira, he doesn’t use his claws.


Fullstack Developer

Nikita is a sailor at heart, who likes cold baths. Besides his body, he also keeps his mind clear with sea voyages and stable performance behind the laptop.



Jardér is Bear analyst. He can quickly and deeply crack any app or just a feature. Bugs, be wary!





Finance & Controlling

KapyBára is the ultimate bear number spy! She oversees numbers, plans, results and budgets.


Fullstack developer

Adam is a zen master whose concentration is legendarily unbreakable. His sense for clean and readable code makes him a well-rounded developer.



Kristýna virtues were carved by her stint in the chemical industry in the north of Czechia. She's friends with Excel, finances, analysis as well as being able to deal with the cables behind the server.


Fullstack developer

Šmejky will sniff out the solution to any convoluted problem. He'll look in depth as well as the width of the issue.


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