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We are a development company focused on making high-quality products that enhance your business. Sincerity, transparency, and dedication are the principles that guide everything we do.


Many of us started our “careers” in the early 90’s, long before we could legally drive a car. Our first attempts to hack the Commodore 64 weren’t very successful, but we nevertheless got hooked on coding. At college we learned to code in C++, .NET and Java and a lot of other stuff. For the first time in our lives, our paths became clear.

After college, a few of us had the fortune to start working directly for one of the most respected global companies in backend development. The diverse experiences we gained there propelled us around the world several times. We helped to develop very popular Java open source frameworks like Jersey 2 or Tyrus, which led to our participation in a presentation at the JavaOne conference in Sillicon Valley. Our focus was on the newest technologies, the most innovative solutions, and the highest code quality standards. That’s where our focus remains today.

But a lot has changed now.

Some time ago we decided to pursue our own vision, so we founded a company grounded in the principles of sincerity, transparency, and dedication. The Coding Bear team has excelled in areas like ecommerce and fintech, developing products and services for one of the largest investment groups in the Czech Republic. And we are still looking for new challenges and new partners.

Now we want to hear about your story and help you the best way we can. Give us a call, send us a message, or meet us for a beer or coffee (if you happen to be in our neighborhood).

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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