Introducing the MBR app

The app that changes the way people buy glasses online

We are a development company focused on making high-quality products that enhance your business. Sincerity, transparency, and dedication are the principles that guide everything we do.


Discover the app that brings the shop to you! Using the latest technology such as augmented reality, a potential buyer gets to see what they would look like wearing glasses they've been wanting to try on. All using your smartphone only.

The entire app has been developed by us. We are not afraid of complicated solutions and we do a thorough research before we start the development process. No shortcuts, no excuses, just tried-and-tested clean code.

Are you interested in something different from augmented reality? Tell us about it! We love new and modern tech and we'd love to implement it in not just mobile apps, but also backend or web applications, which we have years and years of experience with. If you are not sure which option could be right for you, do not be shy, approach us and we will help you decide what's best in order to make your ideas come to life.

We would love to hear from you. Sometimes all that is needed is a single phone call and we can give you pretty accurate estimates. Or if you're unafraid of informal settings, come have a cup of coffee or a pint of beer with us.

Coding Bear is a company grounded in the principles of sincerity, transparency and dedication. We are also a pretty friendly bunch. :)

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