Strong delivery and logistics are the future of e-commerce and marketplaces.

The EDP platform offers comprehensive solution of logistics and delivery for e-commerce partners.

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Challenges, that can be solved with EDP

Delayed deliveries

We optimize delivery capacities across carriers and warehouses so that transport is as cheap and fast as possible for the given customer and their carrier.

High costs of carrier administration

We facilitate the administration of different carriers and distribution warehouses so that adding or changing is as simple as possible.

Inappropriate carrier

We will help to eliminate damaged orders, delivery to the wrong address and other problems caused by an inappropriately chosen carrier.

Cross-border delivery

We will help determine the carrier that provides transport to other countries, including the warehouse for the carrier to take over the order.


Carrier selection

Based on the carrier's capacity and current workload, goods category, customer location, and other parameters.
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Season and peaks

Calculation of the delivery date with a guarantee of delivery by Christmas and other parameters at the most overloaded times and dates.

Delivery continuity

The customer gets exactly what was promised. Delivery information during purchase will correspond to the actual delivery date and ordered services (e.g. delivery to floor).


Simple setting of delivery rules in a user-friendly interface, designed for business users.


↓ 26 %

reduction of delivery time

18 %

increase shipping
and delivery capacity

↑ 94 %

improving delivery quality


market partners
per month


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