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What we do

We have delivered various custom developed solutions for both middle sized and large e-commerce partners. Having in-depth experience with the e-commerce segment, we focus on specific needs of our partners which often cannot not be addressed by other e-commerce solutions available on the market.

Our E-Commerce Solutions

Dynamic Pricing

Custom developed solutions for dynamic pricing of products, payment methods and transports including pricing of additional transport services. Decision rules engines fully configurable by business users.
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From small partners to big e-commerce players, we provide solutions for easy integration into Marketplaces allowing them to increase market presence and thus sales and revenues.

Logistics, Transport & Delivery

E-commerce Delivery Platform for transport and delivery management which helps to decrease the transportation costs, improve quality and shorten time for delivery.
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AI/ML Optimisations, Augmented Reality in E-commerce

Together with our partners we embrace future trends and help our clients to adopt new approaches and implement new technologies.


5000+ MDs spent on e-commerce projects
15+ projects in e-commerce field including very large projects
more than 1 billion USD sold using our critical components every year
vast knowledge of logistics, pricing, marketplaces and other areas
cloud, scaling and high reliability
AI/ML, optimization and innovative solutions


Who we are

Coding Bear was founded as a small-scale company in 2016. The first team members were elite senior engineers with extensive experience from projects for global businesses. One of our first projects at that time was a technical analysis for a very large Europe-based e-commerce enterprise. We did not know a lot about e-commerce back then. Up until this point our background was more in banking and fintech. However, we found out that e-commerce is a quick-moving field abundant with opportunities and open to numerous improvements. Our every effort resulted very quickly in sales and happiness of end customers. Large e-commerce corporations are especially interested in technical-oriented projects and challenges like AI/ML, automation and optimizations which we are capable of implementing.

Since then we have become familiar with a great deal of e-commerce aspects such as logistics, pricing, marketplaces and others. We have spent about 5 thousand of working man days analyzing, coding and helping our customers to get and stay on the top. We have delivered multitude of solutions ranging from complex systems dealing with logistics to small dynamic pricing modules. Our components significantly help our customers sell more than 1 billion USD per year. And last, but not the least, we love our work and are looking forward to new challenges.


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