Improve your e-commerce solution with Coding Bear

Delivery and logistics is an area we excel at. Poor delivery quality causes losing your customers.

Miroslav Fuksa

Improve your e-commerce solution with Coding Bear in order to stay up to date with latest market needs

In order to have outstanding sales and keep good customer retention, eshops need to focus on many things, but primarily on:

  • Great products and very good contect (descriptions, photos)
  • Competitive pricing (but still keeping a margin for eshop)
  • Checkout with payment methods that are easy to use
  • Variety of delivery options that customer can rely on
  • Quality of delivery
  • Additional services offered to customer
  • Great customer care

With our customers we focus on these areas and we change them to perfection. Delivery and logistics is an area we excel at. Poor delivery quality causes losing your customers. 

If you do not keep the promised delivery date, your customer is likely to not return. Usually, such mistakes happen already at the checkout when you promise to deliver at the specific date. At that time it is already certain that your logistics are unable to make it, however your IT systems are not aware of it and therefore can promise your customer something impossible. Disappointment at a glance. 

A number of aspects can cause poor delivery quality.
  • Lack of information about actual inventory (simply your IT system thinks you have the goods in stock but the opposite is true).
  • Delayed delivery from suppliers
  • Miscalculated date and time when the customers would receive their orders. This can be caused by not taking into details like cut-off times, standard time to deliver and temporary outages, also constraints of packages like size, weight, actual statistics about delivery quality and other factors
  • The carrier gets overloaded and delivers late. Your operations are aware of it but are  unable to reflect this information into the system. Selecting a different carrier could help but your system does not support it.
  • No data on delivery quality, therefore actions are difficult to make.

We understand that telling the customer the truth (“your order will be delayed”) could mean that the customer buys the items elsewhere. But this does not actually have to mean a drop in your customer retention.

If you have proper IT systems and processes, you can instead choose different delivery options to deliver the order even sooner and with higher quality. First, you need to start working with the quality and control your delivery.

Coding Bear helps customers in the e-commerce world to improve their IT systems and processes. We delivered solutions which handle about 1 billion EUR of revenue yearly and withstand high peaks in the Christmas seasons, keeping high stability. In the past, we have built systems in logistics, pricing, finance processing and other areas. In logistics, we create custom-made systems that are able to reflect complex processes in logistics and delivery.

Our systems get the information from the infrastructure of the customer whether it is a complex ERP (just like SAP) or an internal self made solution. This information is used to control logistics and delivery, including intelligent algorithms for optimizations that maintain the high quality and effective delivery costs. Architecture of the solution allows our customers to plug in the latest delivery methods. This can be adding their own delivery capabilities, including latest services of carriers, delivery to lockers and/or parcel shops, delivery within time slot windows and others. It might sound like a rather complex solution, but it in fact does not have to be. Depending on e-commerce business size and budget, we always begin with the business case evaluationv. Even small improvements with a small budget can bring significant results when applied to the right areas.

Focusing on technology and quality of the solution, we use:
  • latest technologies - our solutions are often developed in the latest Java with microservices/container approach, cloud deployment. Should a customer need to develop a solution based on their own tech stack and deploy on premise, we are experienced and comfortable with that as well.
  • A side effect of our solution is to remove current technology debt. Our code is clean, documented, with properly chosen architecture, following latest best practises. Our developers are highly skilled software engineers with valuable experience.
  • We develop solutions as a set of separate services (microservice) with focus on API. This enables you to insert our solution to your existing infrastructure allowing you to use your own technologies without having to comply with our tech stack. We essentially comply with your tech stack.
  • Our solution follows a modern approach “API first”, microservices and headless solution. It is fair to say that if we just solve your logistics, we do not change your entire platform to headless. It is just a good start and we can follow the same way with you to improve the rest of your solution.
  • We think the same way as if we were running your business with you - what makes sense for you, makes for us too.

Are you dealing with similar challenges like our customers do? Or are you going to improve your logistics, pricing or other areas? Check out our e-commerce Coding Bear solutions and contact us.

We will gladly help you to boost your e-commerce business.

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