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Are you looking for someone who will take charge of your idea while you sit and watch contently as it becomes the reality? Or would you rather have a piece of action and take part in the process? We will happily assist you in both scenarios.

We will commit ourselves to your product and take care of everything necessary. Your concept will be given a particular image according to the demands of the market, state-of-the-art development, deployment and everything else related – design, copywriting, legal matters and marketing.

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We wanted to create a mobile application that would help people reduce their consumption of meat.

The next step was brainstorming services that such an application could employ.

Selection of the key ones yielded a minimal viable product.

Thanks to the feedback provided by wireframes and user testing we didn't have to type a single line of code.

Based on said feedback the decision was taken not to develop such mvp. Instead, surveying followed and provided valuable info about desired functions.

Thus originated a new mvp – venue search engine with filters, reviews and veggie meals counter.

The design was created along with full graphical illustration, as well as copywriting and legal documents. We filled the database and last but not the least, developed the application for Android and iOS including the server component.

All of this was accomplished successfully and Johanna launched with flying colors.

The struggle doesn't end with the deployment of a first version - according to our philosophy it shouldn't. We weren't trying to grow a final product and know it's not perfect - to illustrate, the database was collected only for Prague.

Now we are dedicating ourselves to small-scale propagation and gathering of more feedback to get the most out of Johanna.

You can get to know Johanna at johanna.app.

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